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If You Want To REVERSE Chronic Disease & End Inflammation, WATCH THIS!

James Maskell

Are the people around you supportive of your health goals? If you were to embark on a new routine, would your friends be a help or hindrance? For today’s episode, I was delighted to welcome my good friend James Maskell for a conversation around friendship, community and the concept of ‘group medicine’.

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Episode 22: The Community Cure

Dr. Lara Slayer

“Not only do you solve loneliness in the groups, but you actually create a structure whereby new behaviors can be implemented as a norm within the group,” shares James Maskell, Creator of The Functional Forum and Author of The Community Cure.

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Evolution of Medicine

Race to Value

Community-Based Health Transformation and the Reduction of Chronic Disease, with James Maskell

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Healing Community - With James Maskell; Intro by Dr. Julian Abel

Elevate Compassion USA

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January 14, 2022

Get familiar with the 2021/2022 coding changes

Kevin MD

In this article, we’ll dive into specific examples of 2021/2022 CPT coding changes that can help you expand your practice and billables in 2022 and beyond.

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