We make healing simple. 

Harnessing the power of community with
Virtual Coaching Groups for your patients

fueled by a root cause methodology

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Our Support to your Clinic 

Program Delivery

Led by a National Board Certified health coach trained in root cause methodology, your patients will progress through the 6 pillars of health guided, curated program focused on behavior and lifestyle changes. 

Patient Communication

Our team will help your patients know about program & enroll with ease. We will partner with you to take great care of your patients from start to program completion. 

Billing & Systems

We will help your clinic set up billing for the Virtual Group Coaching Program and onboard you into a simple to use system to support your patients experience 

Let’s connect.

Register with our clinic’s details and our team will reach out to talk about how we can support your clinic and your patients through a Health Coaching partnership:

8 Ways the
System Transforms Health

group process. Personal transformations.

Designed for your patients' health.

Live Virtual Meetings with their health coach and small group

Walk them through the major obstacles interfering with their health

Functional Education on what you need to know to build your health

A supportive group with daily chat to help bring health into their home

Help creating health goals and habits that stick

A proven process for health transformation

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The 6 Pillars of
Foundational Health

All sustained change begins with healthy foundations.

This program includes:

  • 7 live group sessions
  • 2 x 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • 4 week focus on each pillar
  • Curated education and content
  • Matched with a progress partner
  • Challenge weeks
  • Community engagement

Advanced health programs are available once patients complete their foundations

Pillar 1:

Building Community & Foundations

Meet your new HealCommunity™, dive into intention setting and learn to create habits that stick"

Pillar 2:

Nutrition & Digestion

Learn how to fuel your body and reduce inflammation through food plans, education and challenges and more!

Pillar 3:

Relax &

Identify stressful triggers and learn tangible tools to bring more ease, calm, and clarity into your life.

Pillar 4:


Begin to incorporate functional movement throughout the day and move your body in a way you enjoy

Pillar 5:


Understand circadian rhythms and troubleshoot sleep for an optimal night's rest

Pillar 6:

Toxins &

Create healing environments for yourself, reduce toxins and improve the quality of your relationships


What participants are experiencing

L.F., Immune Collaborative Participant

"Guuuuuys! I just got off the phone with my doctor and my autoimmune disease is officially in remission.13 years of struggling and getting told there’s nothing they can do besides meds vs 4 months of lifestyle changes."

M.F., Immune Collaborative Participant

"I just had my post session at my doctor's office & completed the assessment again. I was shocked at how my numbers had changed. I rated so much lower in so many areas. Sometimes it’s hard to see the little changes over time but they really added up. My score dropped 50 points!!! I had the PA check my math because I just didn’t believe it."

A.B., Immune Collaborative Participant

“Today was a day without brainfog, a remarkable day. I was totally at ease during the meeting as I had just experienced how well behaved my brain can be :-) I want more of those days.”

B.D., Metabolic Collaborative Participant

"Really enjoying the class and focusing on wellness. For the one hour a week, plus homework, and personal effort. This has worked well for me. Great tools to help me fine tune my health goals and efforts. Grateful"

S.S., Metabolic Collaborative Participant

"I find that groups such as this help me to share what I am feeling/experiencing and this group helps me to acknowledge my experiences. Left to my own devices (my brain or mental state), I can get stuck. I appreciate what I am learning from others in this group."

Maria P.

"Last week I had 3 days of perfect poops, yay! Quite a relief from being constipated"


"This class helped me realize that I am my own health advocate. It is my life and I’ve got to really do the things I need to improve."


"After a couple of weeks it became clear – this was finally a group of people that understood me."


"I finally felt like I was part of a group. I could feel everyone’s encouragement, and that motivated me to make the changes I needed to make"


"Before the program, I had a habit of always saying ‘Tomorrow I’ll exercise. Tomorrow I’ll eat right.” This program helped me actually put it into action."


"The program was like a buffet of information to pick through! I really enjoyed the ease and flexibility of being able to be exposed to so many different topics."


"The program and the steps we're taking to remember who we are and what we should be doing is really important and I'm ready to do it again"


"The coaches have made it such a comfortable and safe environment to be able to express how you feel. They created a judgment-free space to get and give helpful feedback."


"I came into this program wanting to eat better and get thinner. But what I actually took out of this class was the ability to be kinder to myself."


"You know that you're noting this by yourself, you see all these different people that have struggles and just the same."


"This is the first time I haven’t felt deprivation while trying to make food changes. It slowly became normal to eat vegetables and avoid foods that are going to make me feel worse."


"At first it felt like the program was going to take forever. And then before I knew it I was trying to figure out how to keep my momentum going once it was over."


"Each of us has a laundry list of things we want to change. But we come together every week to find solutions. And we accept that it is up to us to change.-"


"This class helped me learn how to eat foods without processed sugars. I always knew things like candy were bad but now I’m looking at things like the ketchup labels."


"I just got off the phone with my doctor and my autoimmune disease is officially in remission. 13 years of struggling and getting told there’s nothing they can do besides meds vs 4 months of lifestyle changes."


"This class taught me the value of tiny habits. And that change does not have to wait for tomorrow. It can start right now."


"You know that you're not in this by yourself, you see all these different people that have struggles and just the same."


"When I was diagnosed with heart failure it was hard for me to get on the program of being alive. And this program helped me learn to be alive again."


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share an overview of how this works?

Definitely. As your Health Coach partners, we are here to offer your patients a functional group coaching program in different health focus areas. The content is curated, tried, tested and proven to provide the right support for behavior and lifestyle changes needed to see big health improvements. Once our partnership together is confirmed, we will guide you through the simple steps we'll take together to get the information out to your patients to help them register - and then we will take it from there! We will hold your patients' hands as they progress through the program. We also have analytics and reports in place to let you know how your patients are doing!

Can we run multiple groups at one time?

Absolutely! Most of our partnered clinics run multiple groups at one time. Some choose to have different health focuses (i.e. Immune or Metabolic), while others like to keep the focus the same.

Can I see a sample program you would run patients through?

Of course. Click here and you can review the overview of the Immune Collaborative and Metabolic Collaborative. If you'd like to discuss the program in more depth, simply click here to fill out your contact details and we will call to discuss!

Why Group Coaching?

Group coaching is the future. It's the now! Being in a supportive community with a program curated for behavior change shows incredible results. Having a group of peers to associate with, lean on and work through new changes is proving to be one of the most important factors in creating new health habits that stick.

Are there labs or tests administered during the group?

No. Our approach is supporting your patients to make behavior and lifestyle changes in their daily routines. The program focuses on nutrition, sleep, rest, stress, movement and building a supportive community. We will work with your patients to make changes in their daily lives that will support their health journey.

Will I be able to sign up for more groups when I need?

Definitely. As groups fill, we will work with you to open up new groups for your patients to choose from to ensure they always have options to join.

How will we know which health focus group is right for our patients?

We can help! We can work with you to identify the best groups to bring on for your patients. We will walk you through the program content, ask you questions about your patients' biggest concerns and together, we can choose the groups to start first.

Do patients have to meet clinical criteria to qualify for a specific group?

No. The programs are focused on behavior and lifestyle changes, and require no pre-requisites to enter. The coach leading the group will meet each patient where they are, help describe the information in a way that everyone can understand and will be available to support each person through everything that arises during the program.

Request a call with a team member