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Healing Takes a Village

Meet your new village.

Harnessing the power of community with virtual Health Coaching Groups for your patients.

Delivering lifestyle medicine through a health-coaching partnership.

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A virtual group health coaching program led by a Board-Certified Health Coaching team and billable to insurance.

Your Behavior Change Partners.

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HealCommunity™ leverages the power of community to make it easier for patients to make important behavior changes that improve their health. Delivering care in groups also reduces the burden of implementation for the clinic, improves outcomes and reduces clinician burnout and fatigue.
Cate Collings
ACLM President Cate Collings, MD, MS, FACC, DipABLM.

Did you know?

Nearly 50% of us suffer from at least one chronic condition, and that number is steadily growing. The current medical system isn’t built to prevent and reverse chronic disease which is why practitioners are struggling with:
  • Low-levels of patient engagement
  • Lack of clinic time and resources
  • Patient and physician burn out
*Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

There is a new solution.

Whether you are fee-for-service or value based care, our groups are healthy for both your patients and your bottom line.
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The Solution

With face-to-face patient time evermore scarce, new solutions are needed to support patients in engaging in healthy behaviors.

HealCommunity extends your clinic care team with our community focused technology and our National Board-Certified Health Coaches. Together, we have the time, infrastructure and specialized training to support your patients with the behavior change and lifestyle shifts necessary to reverse and prevent chronic illness.

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June Update

Patient Impact

The statistics below represent patients who scored above average on their initial Life Functions Assessment in the given category and report % of patients who experienced a noticeable shift:



For patients who were experiencing mild pain or above



For patients who were experiencing above average anxiety

Cognitive Function


For patients who were experiencing below average cognitive function



For patients who were experiencing below average sleep

Physical Health


For patients who scored at or below fair physical health

Mental Health


For patients who scored at or below fair for mental health

As a clinic you will:

  • Identify qualified patients and prescribe the program
  • Submit the billing and collection patient payment
  • Provide a licensed practitioner for monthly group check-in (US only)

As HealCommunity™ we will:

  • Deliver the 24 week program through our technology platform and education
  • Support behavior and lifestyle changes with 1:1 and group coaching
  • Facilitate patient onboarding, engagement and real-time support
  • Track and report your patient outcomes
  • Hire, train and pay the best Board-Certified Health Coaches to extend your care

Partnership highlights:

“We need to move beyond asking what drug will treat the symptoms, and instead ask what mechanism creates altered neurochemical or neurobiological function or systemic physiological change.”
Dr. Kate Bisharat
Listen in to Dr. Kate Bisharat and Co-Founder of HealCommunity™, James Maskell, discuss the opportunity for patients to access lifestyle medicine through a HealCommunity™ partnership.
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group process. Personal transformations.

Designed for your patients' health.

Live weekly Virtual Meetings with their health coach and small group

Walk them through the major obstacles interfering with their health

Functional Education on what you need to know to build your health

A supportive group with daily chat to help bring health into their home

Help creating health goals and habits that stick

A 12 week process for health transformation

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Here is how
we support

Your patients

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Dr. Lara Salyer
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Episode 22: The Community Cure

Dr. Lara Salyer
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Curated Groups. Best Outcomes.

Group Program Options

You know your patients best. We have multiple program focus groups to ensure that your patients are getting the right support to make the behavior and lifestyle changes they deserve. 

Here are 2 sample programs:

Immune Balance Collaborative


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Focused on inflammation, auto-immune conditions and building healthy immunity

Week 1

The power of healing in community

Week 2

Intention Setting

Week 3

Understanding your body’s function

Week 4

S.M.A.R.T. Goals & Creating habits that stick

Week 5

Nutrition: Getting the good stuff IN! 

Week 6

Nutrition: Minimizing the inflammatory & Digestion 101

Week 7

Nutrition: Introduction to the Elimination Diet

Week 8

The science of stress and relaxation

Week 9

Exercise & movement 

Week 10

Sleep & natural rhythms

Week 11

Environmental Toxins and food reintroductions 

Week 12

Your 12 Biggest Learnings

Immune Balance Collaborative

Focused on balanced blood sugar, optimizing nutrition to support a healthy weight and supporting healthy metabolic function. 


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Week 1

The power of healing in community

Week 2

Intention Setting 

Week 3

Understanding your body’s function

Week 4

S.M.A.R.T. Goals: Creating habits that stick

Week 5

Nutrition: Getting the good stuff IN & Blood Sugar Balance

Week 6

Nutrition: Minimizing inflammatory foods

Week 7

Nutrition: Gut Health & Digestion 101

Week 8

The science of stress and relaxation 

Week 9

Exercise & movement

Week 10

Sleep & natural rhythms

Week 11

Environmental Toxins & Nourishing Relationships

Week 12

Your 12 Biggest Learnings & Action Plan 


What participants are experiencing

"Guuuuuys! I just got off the phone with my doctor and my autoimmune disease is officially in remission.13 years of struggling and getting told there’s nothing they can do besides meds vs 4 months of lifestyle changes."


Immune Collaborative Participant

"I just had my post session at my doctor's office & completed the assessment again. I was shocked at how my numbers had changed. I rated so much lower in so many areas. Sometimes it’s hard to see the little changes over time but they really added up. My score dropped 50 points!!! I had the PA check my math because I just didn’t believe it."


Immune Collaborative Participant

“Today was a day without brainfog, a remarkable day. I was totally at ease during the meeting as I had just experienced how well behaved my brain can be :-) I want more of those days.”


Immune Collaborative Participant

"Really enjoying the class and focusing on wellness. For the one hour a week, plus homework, and personal effort. This has worked well for me. Great tools to help me fine tune my health goals and efforts. Grateful"


Metabolic Collaborative Participant

"I find that groups such as this help me to share what I am feeling/experiencing and this group helps me to acknowledge my experiences. Left to my own devices (my brain or mental state), I can get stuck. I appreciate what I am learning from others in this group."


Metabolic Collaborative Participant

"Last week I had 3 days of perfect poops, yay! Quite a relief from being constipated"

Maria P.

Cate Collings, MD

American College of Lifestyle Medicine PresidentMD, MS, FACC, DIPABLM

HealCommunity™ leverages the power of community to make it easier for patients to make important behavior changes that improve their health. Delivering care in groups also reduces the burden of implementation for the clinic, improves outcomes and reduces clinician burnout and fatigue.

Venus Ramos, MD

Licensed PAIN Physician, Health & Fitness Expert

I loved the experience with my first group on HealCommunity™ so much so that i opened up more office hours to take on more outpatient pain patients. So I can fill more groups!

Cheng Ruan, MD


The health coaches in my practice generate more revenue than my providers, and I couldn't be more excited about the outcomes or patient feedback. HealCommunity can help you access those outcomes and practice income.

Dr. Penney Stringer, MD

I loved being able to partner with HealCommunity to address the often-overlooked factors in helping my patients work through chronic conditions- namely, goal setting regarding making lifestyle changes, altering mindset around habits and self-worth/ self-love, and breaking the isolation that was worsened by the pandemic. My patients bonded in the group, had major breakthroughs, including my 83 year old patient who climbed on Mount Rainier ( something she has wanted to do for decades!), and were able to change their mindset around self-care and nutrition and exercise in profound ways during the program. The curriculum is awesome, the coaches are top-notch, the outcomes are measurable, and you’re able to offer lifestyle medicine and community building that one on one care can never do as well.

The 6 Pillars of
Foundational Health

All sustained change begins with healthy foundations.

This program includes:

  • 13 live group sessions
  • 2 private 1-on-1 coaching calls
  • 4 week focus on each pillar
  • Curated education and content
  • Matched with a Progress Partner
  • Challenge weeks
  • Community engagement

Advanced health programs are available once patients complete their foundation program.

Pillar 1:

Community & Foundations

Meet your new HealCommunity™, dive into intention setting and learn to create habits that stick

Pillar 2:

Nutrition & Digestion

Learn how to fuel your body and reduce inflammation through food plans, education and challenges and more

Pillar 3:

Stress & Relaxation

Identify stressful triggers and learn tangible tools to bring more ease, calm, and clarity into your life

Pillar 4:

Movement & Exercise

Begin to incorporate functional movement throughout the day and move your body in a way you enjoy

Pillar 5:

Sleep & Natural Rhythms

Understand circadian rhythms and troubleshoot sleep for an optimal night's rest

Pillar 6:

Environment & Toxins

Create healing environments for yourself, reduce toxins and improve the quality of your relationships


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you share an overview of how this works?

Definitely! As your Health Coach partners, we are here to offer your patients a foundational group coaching programs in different health focus areas. The content is curated, tried, tested and proven to provide the right support for behavior and lifestyle changes needed to see big health improvements. Once our partnership together is confirmed, we will guide you through the simple steps we'll take together to get the information out to your patients to help them register - and then we will take it from there! We will hold your patients' hands as they progress through the program. We also have analytics and reports in place to let you know how your patients are doing.

Can we run multiple groups at one time?

Absolutely! Most of our partnered clinics run multiple groups at one time. Some choose to have different health focuses (i.e. Immune or Metabolic), while others like to keep the focus the same.

Can I see a sample program you would run patients through?

Of course. Click here and you can review the overview of the 6 Pillars of the Foundational Health. If you'd like to discuss the program in more depth, simply click here to fill out your contact details and we will call to discuss!

What if I have coaches in my clinic?

We will provide experienced and trained National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coaches to guide your patients through our programs for the best possible outcomes. If you have health coaches who work with your clients 1:1 that’s great! We are happy to coordinate and collaborate with them for seamless care delivery.

Why Group Coaching?

Group coaching is the future. Being in a supportive community with a program curated for behavior change shows incredible results. Having a group of peers to associate with, lean on and work through new changes is proving to be one of the most important factors in creating new health habits that stick.

Are there labs or tests administered during the group?

Our program does not include labs or tests but clinics are able to add these on if desired for their patients to assess outcomes. Our approach is supporting your patients to make behavior and lifestyle changes in their daily routines. The program focuses on nutrition, sleep, rest, stress, movement and building a supportive community. We will work with your patients to make changes in their daily lives that will support their health journey. 

Will I be able to sign up for more groups when I need?

Definitely. As groups fill, we will work with you to open up new groups for your patients to choose from to ensure they always have options to join.

How will we know which health focus group is right for our patients?

We can help! We can work with you to identify the best groups to bring on for your patients. We will walk you through the program content, ask you questions about your patients' biggest concerns and together, we can choose the groups to start first.

Do patients have to meet clinical criteria to qualify for a specific group?

No. The programs are focused on behavior and lifestyle changes, and require no pre-requisites to enter. The coach leading the group will meet each patient where they are, help describe the information in a way that everyone can understand and will be available to support each person through everything that arises during the program.

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